Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nut walk

through the coppice looking towards the pergola on the middle terrace.

latest sketch - Boules

this is will be the 2nd to last drawing in the sequence, as we move through the day - a quick came of boules before sunset and retiring to the restaurant below.

again, once printed - coloured pencils will be used. and of course annotation.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


here is a sample of my sequence sketches... more on the way, but a bit nervous about these.

again, as with plan and sections, these will be finished off with pencils and annotated!

The copies I printed off yesterday were very vibrant, to say the least. The paper they were printed on is too shiny to work into with the pencils. The paths are Welsh slate, and will get some texture with pencil - so they need to be printed off on the normal A1 plotter paper - the cheaper quality seems to work best.

from the water garden looking towards the cafe.

Adele, my step-daughter Sarah and Lily taking a stroll across the glass-sided bridge. Blisteringly hot day.

sections of the 1:200 detail area

Here are the annotated sections.
Again, these will be finished off with coloured pencils to soften and enhance...

I printed off some sample pages yesterday at Avery Hill - the blue of the sky is much more vivid than it looks on these screen-shots. I probably need to tone the sky down a bit - but will see how it looks once I've added more pencil detail.

Again, like the plan - the base drawings are by hand and the elements painted in watercolour and applied with photoshop.

1:200 plan and other work

Here is my 1:200 plan, as far as I want to take it in Photoshop for the time being.

The flat areas of colour - grass, paving and wide sweep of whiteness in the centre of the drawing will be rendered by hand in pencils - other areas may be given some texture with pencils to lift it off the page and hopefully add more depth.

The rest of the rendering was done with watercolours on watercolour paper and then added with photoshop.

The annotation is pretty much done - just need to add a scale bar and north sign, which needs to replace the original Star Trek logo.

I also need to add more people - doing things - especially eating in the fabulous restaurant.

I'm not sure sure how the resolution will come out on the blog - because this is a screen shot from my Mac - the PDF of the plan was too big.

Here are some samples of the watercolour trees and plants I painted, that were 'computerly collaged' onto the plan.

for the Betula - only the top section used. 

bamboo and used to depict other leafy stuff in the plan and sections

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Name that tune...

"Don't stop believing..." there's a song in there somewhere and if you are missing the Monday banter, this is what Adele and I would be singing to you right now.....