Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First day at school

So here are my new classmates, some familiar faces and some new - so I look forward to getting to know them.

Photo courtesey of Tom Turner -

Photos of the London walk-about to follow - but an interesting day and never a dull moment with TT, RH and Benz...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New look for an old blog

Just up-dating my look...

For anyone remotely interested, I shall be attempting to keep this blog going for the duration of my MA studies - 2 years part-time if you have the stamina!

I've also up-dated my website - which you can find a link - top right.

Greenwich Re-union picnic

It was great to see everyone who turned up at the Greenwich 'Picnic'. The great British weather ensured it was a complete wash-out - but we did at least brave one drink under a tree before retiring to the pub.

I will endeavour to keep the flame alight and perhaps we could try to meet again around Christmas?

Hope the job searches are going well and see some of you back at school.