Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hats off

Graduation part two


shall we do the hat thing?


again, again.....

Susan and Susan
With the lovely Caroline, our first year plant science tutor - who finally got me to understand osmosis.

Osmosis in action

still larking about...

and here are the acknowledgements

Thanks to all of my fellow Garden Designers and Landscape Architects from the class of 2011, it's been BRILLIANT.
Thanks also to all the staff and tutors at Hadlow College and University of Greenwich, you were BRILLIANT.

Graduation Day - Class of 2011

Here are my photos - thanks to other half Eoin - taken at my (and some others) Graduation at the University of Greenwich.
It was a great day, despite the weather and the funny get-up... thanks to the University for making it a very special day for us.

Neil and I, the hats seem to fit the men-folk better.
with Mum and Dad
Hadn't realised how tall Jim was, or how short I am for that matter.
Again the boys wear it well.
(Jim, Neil, Alick and me)

plus Andrew and Grant, but where are the girls?

here they are and looking beautiful.

waiting for our turn.
Neil and the Baroness - oh and Robert...

Alick again
Adele and Jim - says it all really


on the steps