Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Competition winners - Susan Willmott and Adele Ford

Wyevale East Student Design & Build Award 2011.
I've not won anything since 1977, at school, I won a math set for my Queen's Silver Jubilee Scrapbook. But along with my fellow graduate Adele Ford - our design won the competition to build a garden at Hampton Court 2012.
The design called 'Coastal Drift' followed a brief set by Wyevale East - and was to represent the growing environment of the coast of England, 4 miles from the sea. The garden is intended to represent part of a larger garden and offers a haven - a place to relax, unwind and drift...
Neeedless to say we're both thrilled and very excited about the project - and can't wait to get started.


  1. Congratulations to you both!! Fabulous design x

  2. Well done guys, your wisdom and refinement on last years design done the job, ie read the brief, but also between the lines.

    Spot on , looking forward to the planning process on the Blog.

    PS Tell Tom

  3. Congratulation to both of you.
    I am so glad you have won the competition. I will definately come to Hampton court flower show this year to see your work.
    If you need help with the job I will be very glad to help you.
    I look forward to Hampton Court 2012.

  4. whoop whoop!!! -what a duo we are Willmott!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys for you kind words xxx

  5. Sue & Adele this is fantastic news, (Its good to see such a clear use of annotation!), I hope this is the first of many competition wins for you both, please document the build on your blog for everyone to follow.

    hopefully this will inspire everyone else to make the effort and win the Woodwharf competition.

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