Tuesday, 18 October 2011

More on SUDS...Theme Project

Here is another presentation for my Theme Project Course.
This course deals with the design of outdoor space with regard to specific themes.

We are required to produce sketch designs on 4 themes - this week it's  SUDS - on a project site in London. For my site I chose Bernie Spain Gardens on London's South Bank.

Here I applied a SUDS system to the current park.

The presentation was delivered to the class, in a one minute timed session, without words - for constructive critique.... a la Brian Sewell.

Note - the brief for this project calls for sketches to be done in Sketch-up and then rendered in photoshop.  I'm quite keen on this technique...but feel my images are a bit too 'sketch-uppy'.
I could've spent more time on them in photoshop - but I ran out of time.

Some of my trees and plants are re-used from the perspectives I produced for the BA, which were plants and trees I painted in water colour with my own hands!

I just feel they need loosening up a bit.

Here's a sketch I made by tracing over the sketch-up model - and colouring in with pencils.

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  1. You see, all that time spent on Professional Studies and Sutcliffe Park wasn't wasted! Good work Willmott, keep it up.