Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A day out with Precious Chilli

Today I went out for the day with Neil to the Creating Landscapes Show at Capel Manor College.

It's the first event organised by the Landscape Juice Network - and is free to all visitors. We didn't go to any of the seminars, as we spent most of the time looking around the exhibition and having a chat with the exhibitors.

I was also pleased to meet my new friends at Wyevale East Nurseries, pictured below.

Photo opportunity - with Liz and Richard
Wyevale East Nurseries Stand at the Creating Landscape Show

Oh no...not the giant tap

and the giant spade

1 comment:

  1. But were is the Giant kettle?

    looks like you had a good day.

    Me? stuck in front of the computer doing the urban design project...
    and ranting on my blog for some light relief.

    Hi to the Big Boy Chilli